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Getting Started... How to Apply 
Getting Started...

How to Apply to an Oxford House


Individuals apply directly to the House of their choice.

If there are no vacancies at the house you have selected, you may be referred to another house in the area.


1. Obtain an application HERE

2. Find the nearest house with a vacancy HERE

3. Contact a House to schedule an interview

4. Show up on time for the interview with completed application

5. Acceptance requires an 80% yes vote by House Members

Eligibility for Members

Individuals can apply to live in an Oxford House after meeting at least one of the following criteria:


Sobriety that is free from dangerous withdrawals.

Completion of alcohol or drug treatment.

Completion of a medical detoxification program


Other Requirements


Agree to follow individual house guidelines

Stay current on his/her share of expenses

Demonstrate a desire to grow in recovery

Cost of Living

Equally sharing expenses keeps individual costs low!

Weekly costs range from $135 to $225 per person depending on location.


What Do Your Costs Cover?


  • Rent in a fully-furnished home.

  • All utilities for the House including cable, phone, internet services.

  • House supplies

  • Coffee, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, etc. -These items vary depending on house budgets from time to time.


Houses are fully self supporting. 

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